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See what past participants are saying about the Hot Mamas Run & Baby Parade. Whether you register to compete or just come out to watch, with so many reasons to love our event, we know you will have a great time this September!

“There is a sense of fellowship at this run that isn’t at a lot of the other runs I compete in.”

“My favorite part of the event was having my kids there to cheer me on! It’s a family friendly event and I love that!”

“I do as many 5k’s in a year as I can and I have been looking forward to this all summer. I bought my registration in the spring as soon as it opened. I was sad that I missed last year’s race. I love that it is at Mitch Park, it has playgrounds for the kids, great parking and no smelly lake or rude cyclists to avoid. People came from all over, a group of nurses from SE Norman brought their babies all the way to Edmond for the baby parade. That’s awesome!”

“I run many 5ks and this is one of the most well organized events. The baby parade, volunteer crew being very helpful, to the course and ending of the event at the finish! Outstanding job crew!!!!”

“I really enjoyed the signs along the way. The best part was doing a 5K for the first time with friends!”

“I thought everything was wonderful! I hope all the races I continue to do will live up to the expectations of yours.”

“Great snacks, prizes, perfect number of water stops, and most importantly, it had the feeling of a FUN race, but also challenging. I think having it on a Sunday adds to the more relaxed atmosphere. Way to go!”

“It was a delightful day…but stretched my body!!! I will be better prepared next year…but I DO plan on entering again. Thank you!”

“I love how you feel so empowered to be a better person. I love being able to see the bond that women have when they get together in such a positive environment.”

“I love your virtual goody bag….this way we can go and print off which ones we want and we don’t have to keep up with all the little papers in the packet pick up bag!”

“Love the race! Love the Spirit! Love the name! This will be a favorite for years to come. Awesome job!”

And for some, Hot Mamas Run is more than just a race. It’s a fresh start. A chance to do something for oneself and no one else. Proof that age is nothing but a number. We’ve received some incredible testimonies from participants in our event. Here are just a few:

From 2012′s Overall Winner for Hot Mamas Run: I grew up in not the best of circumstances. I was abused physically, verbally and psychologically by my step-father up until I was about age 14. I got pregnant at age 17 and was coerced by many members of my family and his to have an abortion because they were worried about my athletic collegiate future. He and I didn’t want that, but the pressures were so heavy. Our families drove a wedge between us, and I suffered the loss alone. A few months after, I started to have a rash on my face. I was diagnosed with cutaneous (skin) lupus at 17. I still was able to maintain good grades and excel my senior year in track and was awarded a scholarship. My freshman year I was the fastest woman on our team in the 800m. I used a lot of my hard past as fuel. I started dating a guy my freshman year and a few months into our sophomore year I had gotten pregnant with our now two year old daughter. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with systemic lupus. He and I have had a rocky relationship ever since the pregnancy, but got married last June anyway. Now, we are over a year into a marriage and already looking at getting a divorce. I just have gone through so much my ENTIRE life and I have always felt like I had so much to prove. But, up until recently I always felt like I had to prove something to others. Now, I am focusing on proving things to myself. I started school again last fall and I started running again. I will be competing for The University of Central Oklahoma next year for my last year of athletic eligibility. Although my current situation isn’t the best, I have been able to cultivate a strong mental attitude. I finally feel like I can and will accomplish my goals…I finally feel that I’m winning the biggest fight & that’s the one I fight against myself. Thank you for giving women the chance to prove to themselves that they can set out to accomplish whatever it is they are up against.

Alyssa, age 22

Last year I participated in the Hot Mamas Run, it was my second 5K. Throughout the past year I have ran in close to ten more. I placed second in the 45-49 age bracket, and have placed in several others. I am a recovering drug addict and tomorrow I will celebrate five years sobriety, I am also a rape SURVIVOR, and just last year after twenty eight years was informed my attacker was arrested, and in prison in Colorado, known as “The Ether Man Rapist”, he is now serving 156 years for his crimes. I was finally able to put closure on this tragic event in my life. I now work with women in recovery at the Consortium Against Substance Abuse in Anadarko, Oklahoma, where I facilitate a women’s support group twice a week and am also employed by Believing in Native Girls, we work in accordance with Riverside Indian School, where we mentor young native girls in making healthy decisions, concerning all issues of life. I have a seventeen year old son, and I am from the Comanche tribe. I completed my very first semester in college, and made excellent grades, at the ripe old age of 46 years old. I have been running consistently for about a year and a half and love everything about it. I just wanted to share my story, because I believe it is a miracle that I can run at all after thirteen years of drug abuse, and 20 plus years of smoking. Nothing is impossible with God in your life, and passion in your heart.

Randi, age 46

As you know I began my running adventures last August while taking a “newbie running class” and your event was my first ever 5k event of anything. After running that event I FELL IN LOVE WITH RUNNING! Since last September I have completed the “newbie class”, have run in various 5k events, I have run in 2 10k events, and the mother of all of them I trained and ran in the OKC Memorial 1/2 Marathon this past April, with my daughter. I LOVED IT!!! At this point in life, about to near my 1 year since I’ve been running anniversary, I continue to train for various other 5k events, a 1/4 marathon event, and 2- 1/2 marathons coming up in the fall. In January 2014 I will run my first marathon, with my daughter, at Disney World!!!! To Think……..this all began with a little 5k event in the “heat of the summer” called Hot Mamas Run! I remember the announcer sharing that if this were the first race event for us then we will always remember this as our first and most memorable one. He sure was right about that. Hot Mamas Run will always be my “first race to run and one to learn all the ins/outs of running a 5k event.” From that event I took away a great deal of self-confidence, determination, and tenacity to continue this running adventure. I have also become fitter, more alert to nutrition, and more mindful of how the mechanics of this 58 year old body runs (I plan to run up into my 80′s). This event along with my lessons has been a life-changing event for me and one I share often with many of my running buddies. This year there will be a few of us running together as I have shared with them what an awesome program you have and how great it is ran. I can’t wait to attend this event in September and hope to shave some time of my “benchmark time” of 37.45 I set last year.

Sheri, age 58

My story started when I was fourteen, I met a boy who i thought held the moon and the stars. Fast forward four years and we were married. We went into the marriage with the belief that nothing would ever be perfect, but since we were so enlightened, we would be better off than the other couples our age. If only we could be as smart as we thought we were. Through the years, it became painfully obvious that he never once held a single star. He became cold, cruel, and perverted, throwing out words like daggers. I had always striven to build a good home, my main desire in life was to be stay at home mom or even a reincarnation of Mrs. Beaver. But his words and actions were weeds. Slowly taking root and spreading through me, breaking the solid foundations I once had. The confidence I had in myself evaporated, the beauty I once felt was gone, and any strength I had to stand on my own had dissolved into nothing. There was no way I could be a good mom, I couldn’t even complete daily activities in a satisfactory manner. The worst part was that I believed him. He had to be right, because someone who loves you wouldn’t lie to you. He was surely saying these things and acting those ways for my own growth as a person. It continued for much longer than it should have, and a child was brought into the world. My own perfect little munchkin. I’ve always heard that having a child changes you, but I never understood the power of that change until it occured in me. After witnessing the same behavior being directed towards my daughter, I grew a little stronger. Strong enough to snoop and discover the depth of his demons and the danger they presented to my daughter and I. She and I left that night, and when I showed up at my parents doorstep at one in the morning, I was lost. Spiritually, emotionally lost. The next few months were a blur. I knew the concept of fighting for my life, for my daughter’s life, but the execution of that concept lacked some finesse. I became aimless and scared. Then I heard about the Hot Mamas Run. I had been exercising before but without passion or drive. Hot Mama, it sounded like something I would have called myself at one point, but not now. “What the hell, why not?” I thought, “all else fails at least I may get a tee shirt out of it.” So I signed up that very week. I downloaded a running app on my iPhone and began a journey that is changing everything. Seven and a half weeks ago, it took me twenty or so minutes to “wog” (walk/jog) a mile. With that first workout, I felt so dejected. I used to be so athletic, and now look where I have fallen. But I kept trying. With each workout, a piece that was shattered was glued back into place. I got a little bit stronger and a little bit faster. My mom joined me and is now running the Hot Mamas Run too. My little girl loves getting in her stroller and running with us. She pumps her little arms and makes breathless sounds when we talk about running. With each minute I drop on my time, I gain an ounce of confidence and strength. I’ve found more direction on a treadmill than anywhere else. I’ve found the strength to fight for my life, for my daughter’s life. I found the ability to set aside fear and enroll in college, stand up to my ex-husband, and begin dating again. Everyday is better than the one before. Last night on my run, I ran 3.37 miles in thirty-eight minutes, a far cry from the first night. Afterwards, I sat in a car that I bought, texted a guy who thinks I’m the best girl he’s ever met, then drove to a safe home and kissed my kiddo goodnight. Because I can. Because I found strength on a treadmill. Because I am a twenty three year old hot mama and damn, it feels pretty good. Thank you for starting something amazing.

Megan, age 23

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