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Funds raised from the Hot Mamas Run & Baby Parade benefit Oklahoma-based organizations providing education, resources, and support to women, children, and families. By participating in our event, you communicate to these organizations that their work is not only important, but essential to the well-being of our community. We are pleased to announce the 2014 recipients:


“One in four Oklahoma children struggle with hunger on a daily basis. We knew we needed to create a specific program to address chronic childhood hunger as we started to hear stories like this:  On a Monday morning in 2003 our Executive Director received a phone call from an elementary school Principal in Oklahoma City. One of his students passed out while waiting in line for lunch. As they were taking care of the student in the nurse’s station, they learned that all he had eaten between last Friday’s school lunch and the lunch he was waiting for this Monday was a hot dog without a bun. This is not enough food for a young child to grow, develop, play, or learn!  So in 2003 we started the Backpack Program.  That year, 180 kids in 5 schools in Oklahoma City participated in the Backpack Program.  This school year over 12,000 chronically hungry elementary students in 478 schools in all 53 of the counties in our service area will receive a backpack filled with kid-friendly food every Friday to help sustain them over the weekends during the school year. We are also in the pilot year of the Food for Kids School Pantry program so food donations are truly needed.”

To learn more about the Food for Kids Childhood Hunger Programs, please visit their website.

The CARE Center

The CARE Center’s mission is: To assist children through investigation and intervention in a supportive and protective setting. At the CARE Center, every child is treated with compassion, love and respect in a safe and secure environment.

Components of the CARE Center services:

  • State of the art equipment and facilities to ensure a minimal number of interviews

  • Cross discipline training to ensure a trained multi-disciplinary team of experts from law enforcement, child protective services, mental health, the District Attorney’s office and Children’s Hospital to work with children and families

  • Weekly review of all cases

  • Collection and dissemination of data

  • Mental health crisis intervention and referral

  • Counseling for children and non-offending family members

  • Non-acute sexual abuse exams

  • Court school for victims who must testify

  • Child Abuse education for the public

To learn more about the CARE Center and their work in our community, please visit their website.


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